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Best Practices in Regulatory Compliance

Several years ago, a reseller for Computer Recycling USA (CRUSA) presented us with an opportunity. His client, a large bank based in New England, was at risk. At the time, the Bank handled the decommissioning and deconstruction of its electronic equipment (i.e., hard drives, servers, PCs) with the help of an IT asset disposition firm that didn’t take all the necessary measures to ensure data was completely erased. In addition, the vendor didn’t provide adequate records for compliance. The bank knew it needed a more secure process to dispose of equipment and was looking for a new solution.

Here is how we ensured our new client was following the best practices in regulatory compliance.

Our team immediately began working closely with the bank’s Data Center Manager, Dave R., to understand their current processes. Computer Recycling USA created a strategy for improvement, implemented the plan, designed new policies and safeguards, and closed the gaps one by one.

“I said, ‘We need to be a little creative and not just blueprint this thing,’” explains Dave. “‘We need to work together and solve the problem.’ And that’s the way it’s been ever since.”

Pleased with the results, the bank asked us to help it become the first in the country with an in-house managed security provider model. In its main data center, the bank allocates space for the identification of equipment, documentation, erasure and destruction. We also designed a white glove service for items that couldn’t be processed in-house, ensuring deinstalled equipment handled only by thoroughly vetted CRUSA employees gets there securely through GPS tracking.

As a result, the bank minimized exposure to risk, passed an audit, and is able to resell equipment. “We have more control now…better documentation and a better defensible process that complies with regulations,” says Dave. “Whatever we ask for, there’s nothing the team at CRUSA can’t do. To me, they are a  treasured vendor. I would never want to lose them and the level of service they provide.”

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