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Computer Recycling Chain of Custody

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A chain of custody is a series of documents that proves the possession, security and transfer of IT assets, including everything from computer hard drives to wireless scanners and Smart-UPS. In the world of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), which includes data erasure, hardware disposal and recycling, maintaining this type of documentation is key. In the Read More

3 Tips for Passing an IT Asset Disposition Audit

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As our clients already know, having a well-thought-out and fully-documented IT asset disposition process can help you pass an audit on the first go-round. Here are 3 tips for passing an IT asset disposition audit that will get you well on your way to remaining compliant: Make sure you collect and track the right data. Read More

Passing a Data Security Audit on the First Try

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An inside look at what it takes to pass an audit in a highly regulated industry As one of the largest retail banks in the United States, our client Bank C* considers information security paramount. In order to protect its clients’ information, the bank adheres to strict compliance regulations. Bank C’s Data Center Management team, Read More

Closing the Security Gap Caused by Embedded Media

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The threat of embedded media is easy to overlook, but very difficult to recover from. As someone who has worked in the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) industry for over a decade with some of the most security-conscious companies in the world, I am still amazed by how exposed some companies are during the ITAD process Read More

Not All E-Recycling Reporting is Created Equal

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In a recent blog post, we explored the three main types of e-recycling reporting and making sure you have the proper documentation. As a follow up to that post, this article dives deeper into the different types of serial number based reports. But be forewarned — not all serial number based reports are created equal. At Read More

Supporting Local Breast Cancer Foundation Art beCAUSE

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Soon after co-founding CRUSA, CEO Brian Lovett met Ellie Anbinder at a networking event. A recent survivor of breast cancer, she had dedicated her life to raising money to seed scientists looking into its environmental causes through Art beCAUSE, an amazing local organization. Ellie remembers that she and Brian clicked immediately. “There are many drug Read More

Indemnification: The Importance of Having Proper Insurance

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When a business works with a third party vendor to recycle its retired computers, one of its biggest concerns is making sure the vendor carries the right type of insurance. That business wants to know what would happen if something went wrong, even if it happened by accident. For example, let’s say one of your Read More

E-Recycling Reporting: Make Sure You Have the Proper Documentation

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There’s more to the process of recycling computers than data erasure and shredding hardware. In order to remain compliant with the environmental and data security laws pertinent to their industry, businesses need proper documentation. Most computer recycling companies offer at least one of these 3 major types of reporting to their clients: Weight Based Reporting Read More

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