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Closing the Security Gap Caused by Embedded Media

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The threat of embedded media is easy to overlook, but very difficult to recover from. As someone who has worked in the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) industry for over a decade with some of the most security-conscious companies in the world, I am still amazed by how exposed some companies are during the ITAD process Read More

Addressing the Threat of Embedded Media

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Most of the companies we speak with have adequate policies and procedures in place for handling data erasure and equipment disposal, such as the shredding of hard drives. However, many businesses are completely unaware that they are constantly at risk of exposure due to embedded media. Their efforts to prevent the threat of embedded media Read More

Sharing Information on Technology at IDG Enterprise Engage

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On August 6th, CRUSA President and Co-Founder Rocco D’Amico attended IDG Enterprise Engage, which took place on a private yacht, the Seaport Elite II (pictured). This half-day event provided CIOs and CTOs in the Boston area with information and research on new technologies, purchasing behavior and how to create strategic partnerships with vendors. Discussion panels Read More

Everyone Wins with our Channel Partner Program

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“What do other companies do with their computer hardware when they want to get rid of it?” That’s a question almost all of our clients have asked at some point, and the answer may surprise you. Most computer manufacturers outsource IT asset disposition to external vendors that specialize in the reuse and recycling of electronic Read More

Best Practices in Regulatory Compliance

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Several years ago, a reseller for Computer Recycling USA (CRUSA) presented us with an opportunity. His client, a large bank based in New England, was at risk. At the time, the Bank handled the decommissioning and deconstruction of its electronic equipment (i.e., hard drives, servers, PCs) with the help of an IT asset disposition firm Read More

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