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Closing the Security Gap Caused by Embedded Media

The threat of embedded media is easy to overlook, but very difficult to recover from. As someone who has worked in the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) industry for over a decade with some of the most security-conscious companies in the world, I am still amazed by how exposed some companies are during the ITAD process in terms of security.

If, for example, you ask a company for its Information Security Policy and Procedures in relation to hard drives, chances are the company can produce one — and it’s usually pretty good. BUT, if you ask that same company about its Information Security Policy and Procedures in relation to embedded media, chances are they don’t have one. Instead, the company will likely be shocked at how exposed it is because it hasn’t addressed important issues such as:

  • identifying which IT assets have embedded media, and
  • documenting how to erase and destroy the information in all its buffers, since every type of embedded media has a different process.

Embedded media is in everything from smart power strips to IP Phones to printers and more. That’s why we built the industry’s first Data Finder Manual. It lays out a fully documented process that enables us to identify and erase/destroy ALL of your company’s information, including buffers that contain the keys to your network. Our manual is the first of its kind in the ITAD industry, and helps our clients to close data security gaps they currently have because of embedded media.

We’ve put together several resources (see below) to help you learn more about the dangers of exposure through embedded media. To speak to one of our team members about the risks of embedded media and how you can close the security gap, please contact us.


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