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Everyone Wins with our Channel Partner Program

“What do other companies do with their computer hardware when they want to get rid of it?”

That’s a question almost all of our clients have asked at some point, and the answer may surprise you. Most computer manufacturers outsource IT asset disposition to external vendors that specialize in the reuse and recycling of electronic equipment. However, some manufacturers (i.e., Dell, HP) that handle enterprise-level accounts focus primarily on asset recovery, not data security, which means embedded media may remain on the equipment when it’s resold. Because of the red tape involved, some vendors shy away from handling off-manufacturer technology, or don’t offer white glove service to ensure their deinstallation and data erasure process is completely secure. For clients concerned about data security and risk management, these services would most certainly fall short of their expectations.

Everyone Wins with our Channel Partner Program

Unlike some of our competitors, we guarantee the secure processing of electronic equipment through a fully documented process at CRUSA. Every one of our employees has gone through a background check and is fully certified to perform the work they do. We also offer white glove service for off-site deinstallation that includes GPS tracking. Since CRUSA was founded in 2003, we have continuously developed and implemented unique and innovative processes to minimize risk and guarantee data security for our clients, from small businesses to large corporations with offices located around the country.

In 2014, we developed our Channel Partner Program, which enables manufacturers, distributors and value-added resellers (VARs) to help their clients erase information and recycle equipment in a compliant way. This creates a new revenue stream from existing clients without additional overhead or the cost (in time and money) of acquiring new clients. Most large companies recycle electronic equipment such as phones and desktop computers on a monthly, or even weekly, basis. By offering those clients data security and disposition services, our partners maximize services revenue not just at the time of sale, throughout implementation and online management of the assets in question, but also after their life cycle has ended.

This is an entirely new type of offering in the Managed Data Security Services space; it enables electronic equipment manufacturers, distributors and VARs to bridge the gap from data center to enterprise, and vice versa. Since it’s based on an established relationship, the sale is quick and simple. Studies indicate that people who purchase services do so based on recommendations from those they know and trust. No certifications are required for the business (tech or sales), and our partners have the ability to take trade-ins and apply credit to subsidize deals, which makes them more competitive.

Overall, the Channel Partner Program is a win-win-win for us, our partners and their clients. We love offering services that satisfy our mission of helping people. It’s the way we do business at CRUSA, and we are happy to help our partners make it the way they do business, too.

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