Copier Recycling - What happens to my old copier?

Today as never before selecting the right copier recycler is imperative. With increasing regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency and federal legislation Sarbanes Oxley, Gramm Leach Bliley, or HIPPA you need to make the best choice possible in how you recycle your old copier. At Computer Recycling USA we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most secure copier recycling programs available today. Our copier recycling process has been developed over many years of experience working with businesses and government agencies intent on making sure their copiers are recycled in a socially responsible and secure manner.

Contrast that with others in the recycling industry whose main goal is to maximize profit and throughput at the exclusion of everything else. USA Today, National Geographic, etc. In the low cost/high volume model a recycler will simply export your old copier for scrap value. This type of process is designed to move large volumes quickly and inexpensively with little regard to security, environmental impact, and social responsibility. It’s important to note that many of these operations are registered with the EPA because what they’re doing is not illegal. The advantage of this type of copier recycling operation is that they can provide cheap copier recycling to their customers. The disadvantage is that their customers can never be sure of the extent of their liability because they never really know what will happen to their old copiers.

Computer Recycling USA utilizes an intelligent reuse process backed by a written guarantee. Our goal is to extend the useful life of the copier and its components as much as possible thereby decreasing the demand for brand new equipment and reducing the overall waste stream. We also provide a closed loop recycling option for clients that prefer to have their copiers recycled completely.

The first and most important step of the copier recycling process is to develop a scope of work with our client. In this phase we take the time to understand our client’s security and copier recycling needs. Needs that extend from the time equipment is decommissioned all they way through eventual recycling. Computer Recycling USA is willing and able to help you improve your internal processes as well as the external copier recycling process. Our goal is to decrease your risk as a company as well as your personal risk as the person responsible for the disposal. In developing a scope of work for your copier recycling program we also develop a logistics plan because the rising costs of transportation can easily equal or exceed the cost of copier recycling. Most phases of our process have several options so our clients are given choices as to how they want their old copier recycled.

When we receive the copiers to be recycled we begin by triaging the equipment to identify the type of equipment, determine its age, and assess its condition. The next step of the copier recycling process is to record relevant information from the copier in accordance with the statement of work and to enter that information in our proprietary database for our client’s disposition report.

Once the copier is properly cataloged, physical processing then begins. Our clients may chose from several options for data destruction based on their security requirements. If data destruction needs to be performed as part of the copier recycling process it occurs now. Asset tags are removed from the copier and depending on the scope of work, copiers that still have useful life may be reconditioned and sold through our copier reseller channels or donated to one of the many charities we support. If the copier has no or limited value as a whole unit, it is then sent through a de-manufacturing process where useful components may be harvested, and other base components like metals, plastics, and circuit boards are separated for further processing.

Further processing consists of accumulating the various types of materials, i.e. plastic, metals, and circuit boards and sending them to a smelting facility where they are shredded into bit sized pieces then melted down. Metals and plastics are recycled for future use and circuit boards have precious metals extracted to save the environment from costly and environmentally harmful mining operations. When the job is complete, the appropriate reports and certificates of recycling and destruction are sent to the client for their permanent records.

At Computer Recycling USA we strive for perfection every day. However, if something goes wrong while we’re recycling your copier we give you the best indemnification package available in the industry today backed by a written guarantee.

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