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Not All E-Recycling Reporting is Created Equal

In a recent blog post, we explored the three main types of e-recycling reporting and making sure you have the proper documentation. As a follow up to that post, this article dives deeper into the different types of serial number based reports. But be forewarned — not all serial number based reports are created equal.

At most companies, data entry is handled by someone in an entry level position. However, inventorying equipment is rather complex. For one thing, there are no generally acceptable nomenclature standards for inventory or serial numbers in the tech industry. If you get the serial number of even just one hard drive incorrect, it could wreak havoc for you in an audit or if you ever needed to build a legal defense.

Hard drives have multiple serial numbers, and as you might imagine, it would be pretty easy for someone to scan and inventory the wrong one. Even more so if that person is in an entry level position doing data entry and there are no industry standards to refer to for compliance.

To make matters more confusing, serial numbers are located in dozens of different areas on different types of computer equipment. While some people take inventory using a scanner, others manually read the information off each piece of equipment and enter it onto a spreadsheet. And they’re not always easy to read. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen people mistakenly enter an 8 instead of a B, or make a similar mistake.

Put these factors together and the potential to get a serial number wrong increases dramatically. When that happens, you can’t prove that you secured the data on that device in an audit. Welcome to audit hell.

The key to passing an audit is to make sure you are reporting accurate information, including those easy-to-misread serial numbers. Scanning can help you capture the right information but you really need a fully documented process with standards. At CRUSA, we have spent over a decade building inventory manuals and processes that allow our clients to have a documented, quality assured process. The result? The proper serial number gets recorded for each and every asset for reconciliation and compliance purposes. This is why companies synonymous with security and high regulation choose CRUSA, to ensure that the proper processes and documentation keep them compliant.

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