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Philanthropy, Community Service and Corporate Citizenship

When we founded CRUSA in 2002, my co-founder Rocco D’Amico and I wanted to base our company on the core principle of helping people. This includes our clients, employees and the local community. We’ve developed several industry firsts for data security and compliance that help our clients keep their information safe. We provide them with the best set of documentation in the industry in order to be compliant and able to pass audits.

Philanthropy, Community Service and Corporate Citizenship

Internally, we believe in investing in the people who work for us. When employees know they’re part of building something, it motivates them. Six Sigma has transformed CRUSA into an employee-driven company. Our employees learn best practices in business techniques, which inspires them to come up with quality assurance metrics and innovative ways to improve our business. Every single one of our employees has clear work goals and feels personally invested in making the business continuously successful.

In addition, we work with each of our employees to figure out their personal goals; we’d do anything to help them, we treat them like family. Whether it’s by sending them back to school, providing training to become a subject matter expert in a particular area, or instituting a new bonus structure for ideas that positively impact the business, we support our employees as they grow in their careers. It’s more about the lifetime value of the relationship. That’s what leads to employee retention and satisfaction.

Within our community, we’ve worked one-one-one with dozens of charities by serving on boards and helping with structure, process and fundraising. Whether it’s researching the environmental causes of cancer, working with the local  homeless and transitional community, or working with at risk youth, CRUSA will always be committed to helping people.

To explore more about how we work with nonprofits and community organizations, contact us at by email or call 877-729-2783.

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