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Sharing Information on Technology at IDG Enterprise Engage

On August 6th, CRUSA President and Co-Founder Rocco D’Amico attended IDG Enterprise Engage, which took place on a private yacht, the Seaport Elite II (pictured). This half-day event provided CIOs and CTOs in the Boston area with information and research on new technologies, purchasing behavior and how to create strategic partnerships with vendors. Discussion panels featured some of the top experts in digital content and technology across industries, from hospitals to manufacturing to sports teams.

“One of the things that struck me at this event was that the members of the CIO panel all agreed that they saw themselves more as a proactive force that helps their individual businesses meet their objectives,” says Rocco. “It seems like there is now a growing recognition among CIOs that IT departments can really help a business get where it wants to go. It hasn’t always been that way.”

In addition, the conference encouraged networking among peers and information sharing. At CRUSA, we are huge proponents of sharing information to benefit not only those in our industry, but also our clients and business associates in other industries. We will continue to provide updates on the latest trends and research in IT asset disposition and data security as they become available. To stay abreast of the latest industry news and learn more about CRUSA, we encourage you to sign up for our monthly newsletter. Learn more here.

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