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Supporting Local Breast Cancer Foundation Art beCAUSE

Soon after co-founding CRUSA, CEO Brian Lovett met Ellie Anbinder at a networking event. A recent survivor of breast cancer, she had dedicated her life to raising money to seed scientists looking into its environmental causes through Art beCAUSE, an amazing local organization.

Ellie remembers that she and Brian clicked immediately. “There are many drug therapies that help people live longer, and 94% of all the money raised for breast cancer goes towards finding a cure, but we need to focus on the causes,” she states. “Having recently lost a close family member to cancer, Brian said, ‘We’re going to grow our businesses together. When I’m ready to move into a new office space, you’ll come with me.’” At the time, both organizations were nascent and looking to grow.  The two business owners kept in touch, and when CRUSA moved into a 4000 square foot facility in Framingham, Mass., Brian and his team set up an office for Ellie to help further the Art beCAUSE mission.

“He believed in what we were doing right from the beginning, which was very empowering,” Ellie remembers. “When I walked into my new office, they had set up a desk, shelving for files, a phone, a computer…I just turned it on and I was ready to go!”

CRUSA and Art beCAUSE Grow Together

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As CRUSA expanded and moved to new locations, so did Art beCAUSE.  At some point along the way, the two businesses became strategic partners. Thirteen years later, Art beCAUSE has accomplished many things. “We started out over a decade ago giving $5000 to one young scientist, and we are now at the point where we’re doing a $5 million campaign. Yet our basic premise has always remained the same,” Ellie says. “We’ve always been a grassroots organization, but we’ve become more sophisticated. This growth occurred in part because we had office space and support from people like Brian.”

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The current campaign to raise $5 million will allow Art beCAUSE to fund a multi-year study by a consortium of five Boston-based breast cancer research scientists. They propose to identify the chemicals that cause breast cancer and methods for preventing the disease. Art beCAUSE is currently hosting an exhibit titled “The Faces of Breast Cancer” by photographer David Fox at the Mayor’s Gallery in Boston’s City Hall. The organization’s 13th Annual Gala Today’s Research for Tomorrow’s Prevention will take place at the Boston Seaport Hotel on October 14th, 2015

At last year’s gala, Brian was honored as a “Believer,” dedicated to supporting the organization’s mission. “I think that almost everyone we know can relate to cancer in one way or another,” says Brian. “Instead of looking for cures, we believe in investing in figuring out the cause to prevent it. I believe in the mission of investigating the causes through scientific research.”

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